Our Vision:

"To create a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive"



At North View Academy children are enthusiastic about music. They are engaged in both lessons and song practices, enjoying the different aspects of the subject.

Music is an area of the curriculum in which many children can experience enjoyment and success. At North View we celebrate this throughout the school, promoting self-confidence and self-esteem amongst the children.

The curriculum is designed to allow children to develop an understanding of a range of musical styles and genres whilst encouraging them to:

  • Sing and play musical instruments
  • Develop composition and improvisation skills
  • Perform in groups or solos and develop appraising skills

We aim to inspire children to achieve and enjoy their success.

Whilst at North View Academy, children will have the opportunity to access drumming and guitar lessons. There are also after-school activities offering music, whether it be samba, drumming or a choir.

Each week there is a song practice in which the children are encouraged to suggest songs they would like to learn and sing. The children are motivated and entusiatic about music and this is regularly shown by the number of children who want to sing in front of their peers.

Any concerts and performances by the children are always well-received. Children are engaged and focused, and are keen to participate. Parental support is equally as important and much appreciated by staff.

North View attends music events outside of school, such as African drumming workshops at the Sage, whilst also encouraging musical groups to attend the academy. The children always respond positively to these events, They enjoy live music.

As a specialist provision North View Academy participates in concerts outside of school. For the past few years we have performed at a Special School Concert at the Sunderland Minster at Christmas time. We regularly participate in the annual 'Search for a Special Star' competition each summer. We are the current champions having won the competition this summer. Both of the acts we entered performed brilliantly and were a credit to themselves and the academy.