Our Vision:

"To create a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive"



At North View we believe that the role of homework should be to provide children with a framework for continuing their learning beyond the classroom and to support each learner's progress towards achieving his or her full potential, at their own level.


We aim to:


  • personalise the homework provision in order that all children, regardless of ability or other barriers to learning, are able to access an inclusive framework;
  • engage other family members in order to inform them of their child's learning and progress;
  • promote children's independence and ability to manage and organise their own time and resources with the support of both school and family;
  • encourage children to develop a sense of ownership and resonsibility for learning.


In order to achieve our objectives we strive to ensure that homework activities


  • provide a balance between academic, physical and practical;
  • encourage the use of a range of approaches, including investigative, research and ICT applications;
  • are skills-based and reflective of the developing curriculum;
  • help learners improve their general knowledge and knowledge of the wider world;
  • help children to learn, practise and extend new skills, knowledge and understanding;
  • are matched to children's abilities and are inclusive;
  • provide structured opportunities for parental involvement, support and communication.