Our Vision:

"To create a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive"



The 2014 National Curriculum introduces a new subject, computing which replaces ICT. This represents change, challenge and opportunity. It gives schools the chance to review and enhance current approaches in order to provide an even more exciting and rigorous curriculum that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by the technologically rich world in which we live.

Whilst the Internet and associated technologies are an excellent tool and resource to enrich teaching and learning, there are still dangers related to their use, especially in relation to young students. The academy takes these dangers seriously and takes measures to ensure that students can work in an e-safe environment and that any e-safety issue is detected and dealt with in a timely and appropriate fashion.

The new National Curriculum presents the subject as a means through which pupils can understand the world. There is a focus on computational thinking and creativity, as well as opportunities for creative work in programming and digital media. The introduction makes clear the three aspects of the computing curriculum:
Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT) and Digital Literacy (DL)