Our Vision:

"To create a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive"




Art enriches experience, provides a sense of identity and stretches intellectual ability. It provides a pathway to express emotion and is an alternative means of communication. It is also a source of pleasure and can promote engagement and concentration. Art is broad and helps develop flexibility and creative thinking. Children will be encouraged to deveop creative and technical skills through observing, recording, analysing and exploring their own experiences. They will make judgements about art and make evaluations about their own work and the work of others. They will learn about great artists, craft makers, architects and designers and the impact they made. Children will have the opportunity to experience a range of materials, techniques and processes and develop associated skills.

At North View we incorparate art throughout the curriculum wherever possible. Each class has also chosen an artist, craft maker, architect or designer to explore in detail.

We take part in the 'Big Draw' project each year and have focussed art and DT challenges each term. Through these children have the opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes set out in the new National Curiculum. Children research, sketch, evaluate and refine ideas to create a piece of art work around a theme, experimenting with and evaluating a wide range of materials and techniques, which is then shared during a whole school assembly. Art work is then displayed around the school to promote achievement and enjoyment. We also have an after school club which is accessed by all children on a rotational basis.