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"To create a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive"

Go to the movies
Your child may have watched one of our Thinkuknow cartoons or films at school; they are a great way to start conversations with your child about what can happen online and what they can do about it.
Ask your child if they have seen any of the films below and why not sit down and watch one together and discuss the topics. We would recommend that you watch the film on your own beforehand so that you’re aware of the topics it covers.
Cartoon or storybook aimed at children aged 5 to 7
Lee and Kim are brother and sister. They like playing on the internet together and their favourite game is Animal Magic - your child might enjoy similar sites such as Club Penguin or Moshi Monsters.
Lee and Kim find themselves in a tricky situation and are helped by ‘Sid’ the super hero. Through Sid’s words of wisdom they learn the importance of being nice to others online, not to share personal information and who to tell if they are worried.
Before playing the cartoon or reading through the story book, tell your child that they need to try and remember Sid’s top tips, and they will get a special prize if they do (this helps them pay attention!).

Download the 'Lee and Kim's Adventure...' Storybook

After watching or reading through the story of Lee and Kim, talk to them about SID’s top tips and how they are going to apply these to their favourite sites. If they get them right (or not), you can print them their very own super protector badge and carry on the fun by singing along to the protector song you heard at the end of the cartoon and even colour in a mask of their favourite animal character.
Visit www.thinkuknow.co.uk/5_7 for more cartoons and fun goodies.
Film aimed at children aged 8 to 10
The film Jigsaw is a story about a young girl called Becky who likes to use social networking sites. She has her own profile where she shares information like the things she enjoys and photos of herself and her friends.
Becky has been talking to somebody who she believes to be another child. It turns out to be a man who has lied to her.
This 10 minute film shows that when you talk to people online and tell them too much about yourself, you might as well be inviting them through your front door.
Before playing this film, discuss with your child what they know about social networking sites, are they using one?
After playing Jigsaw, discuss what happened to Becky and how by taking some simple steps they can keep themselves safe online. Make sure your child knows:
  • How to set their profile to private.
  • They should only talk to people they know and trust in the real world.
  • That you are there to support them.
  • How to report anything that upsets them.