Our Vision:

"To create a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive"

North View Academy Values & Ethos


A very warm welcome to North View Academy. I hope that you will find this website useful and informative. The intention is to give you a flavour of what North View Academy is like as a school and its role in the city community. North View is, justifiably, a very popular school, highly regarded both academically and for its ability to support the variety of needs of its primary pupils. It is a school which has inclusivity at its heart; parents know that children attending North View will be joining a school which can help all to achieve their very best and where everyone can be sure of encouragement and support at all times. It is a school that has the highest expectations of all pupils, regardless of their abilities and histories. North View Academy aims to provide a positive educational experience for pupils who may not have fulfilled their potential previously as their support needs were not fully met in their previous educational provision.


Mission Statement


At North View Academy, we strive to develop individuals ambition and independent spirit, valuating each individual's abilities, aspirations
and desire to explore and create and be the best they can. North View Academy aims to be an outstanding school in all areas. Working in
partnership with pupils, parents and carers and the governing body of the Academy we are passionate about working to raise children's
aspirations that they can all achieve and secure positive outcomes and make changes to their own lifelong learning. Each individual pupil
will feel safe, cared for and supported to reach their goals and come together we aim to:

  • Enpower pupils with belief in their own abilities to make changesChallenge and have higher expectations through exceptional teaching
  • Develop independence of pupils to shape their own learning
  • Provide high quality care, guidance and support
  • To offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities - academic, creative, cultural and outdoor learning
  • Support pupils to make better and more aspirational choices for their future
  • Inspire all pupils in believing that they can achieve and there are no barriers to this

We Value

  • Excellence in learning
  • Inspirational teaching with high expectations
  • Taking responsibility for your own behaviour and learning, both now and throughout life
  • The development of successful peer relationships
  • The ability to act responsibly and make a positive contribution
  • The safety of all our staff and pupils

"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with hard work and effort!!!!"